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Tuesday, 12/19/2006 - 11:14 p.m.

DC is taking the plunge and quitting his job. After several knock-down-drag-out fights last week, it was determined that the root cause of all of his unhappiness is his job. We also discussed some changes he and his girlfriend want to make in their sex life, which is what sparked all the knock-down-drag-outs. How much he hates his job had distorted his personality to the point we were talking divorce and I was looking into one bedroom apartments just to get the hell away. So DC has been sending his resume out far and wide looking for a new job. Money-wise we'll be OK but I'm worried about health insurance. Feh. I'm more worried about his state of mind so living without health insurance for a little while is small potatoes compared to living without DC forever. He told them at work today he was going to be leaving in approximately 8 weeks and it's *amazing* how much that alone has changed him.

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