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Monday, 08/21/2007 - 1:13 a.m.

Dear new, young, stupid people I work with:

Um, like, yeah, so I, um, like, was listening, um, like, to you, like, today, and like, I have, to, like, say, um, ....I'm going to snap and hurt you. Do not speak, ever. Not even in an emergency. And that's not even my main gripe.

I can overlook how young you are because I remember being young and stupid. I can overlook how shallow you are because, gawd knows, I'm pretty shallow, too, sometimes. What I cannot overlook is how you don't give a damn about your job.

If you don't know how to do a procedure, do NOT sit around whining about how you don't want to do it. Get your whiny butt over to a computer (that's the big black thing that looks like a TV with a keyboard) and LOOK IT UP on the internet. Or, if that taxes your 12 brain cells, ASK someone else how to do that procedure. I've thrown a couple of you out of my room because you got all over my damn nerves. Not because you're young and have speech impediments, but because you didn't even *pretend* to give a damn about doing a good job.

I'm a horrible housekeeper, have been a crap wife, am trying to not be a crap wife to Husband #2 and Boyfriend, I'm not really polite and tactful, I'm pretty self-centered, but the one thing...the one goddamn thing I do really well is my job. And you can fuck right off if you're not down there in the trenches with me.

Completely sincere and completely unsorry,

The CST who has to work with you

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