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Sunday, 08/04/2008 - 11:51 p.m.

I had dinner with the girls at BethJane's house and we're doing a champagne brunch next month at Gail's. I really miss having a house so I can host stuff. Even if the apartment was spotless and clutter-free I still have nowhere to put anyone. Feh.

Saturday night was more action packed than I thought. The Glitter Kids from the Munch came and really fit in well, and didn't run screaming since this was their first visit to the dungeon. CreepyCurt was also there and gave me the willies until he and his partner left. He gave 16Candles the willies as well so it wasn't just me. I was glad when he left.

The Boy looks like he tangled with a cheese grater. He took a nap yesterday and recovered from the heat and hurting his back so he was well enough for me to break him all over again. YAY! His upper back was still puffed up and hot to the touch this morning. His birthday spanking left bruises and sore spots, which was not my intention. Each cheek got 20 smacks medium-hard and still ended up looking like a sunset. I meant to tear his back up but not his butt and I apologized repeatedly about his butt. He just grinned and thought it was all great, painpig that he is. The new heavy flogger from arcane kicks all kinds of ass.

DC got a little bit last night, too, but I almost never push him as hard physically as I do the Boy. He was bratty all week, saying smart-ass stuff and then waiting to see if I reacted. He also said repeatedly that on Saturday night he didn't want me to stop until he "was crying like Nancy Kerrigan". Well, that all changed by Saturday night which is why he just got a little bit. Tonight, though, he got as much as the Boy did and then some. I had had all I wanted of his smart mouth and his wishy-washiness, so I spanked him until his butt had little purple spots. He didn't cry but he got to that happy floaty place that will keep him grounded and calm (hopefully) all week.

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