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Thursday, 04/15/2010 - 4:15 p.m.

In no particular misery order:

Someone stole the joint checking account check card number and went on a wild shopping spree, right before we went out of town. So we withdrew as much as we could and dumped it all in my private account so we'd have money and then canceled the cards. We filled out all the fraud paperwork yesterday and we're waiting to be reimbursed. I'm afraid to look at the Visa statement because we had to use that joker, too, while we were gone.

DC's grandmother passed away early Thursday morning while we were there. His aunt couldn't really function about making funeral arrangements and nothing was decided when we left on Sunday. I still have no idea if her funeral has happened or not.

DC's mama hadn't been entirely forthcoming about the cancer situation. She told us she had lung cancer but neglected to tell us it was in several lobes of her lungs. (We were led to believe it was one single dark spot in one lobe.) She also neglected to tell us she has liver cancer as well, which is advancing rapidly. We all found out together Thursday morning when we met with her oncologist that she has lymph node cancer in addition to the lung and rapidly advancing liver cancer. Oh, and the type of breast cancer she had 18 months ago is a rare chemo-resistant strain so the usual and common chemotherapies won't work on her.

Tragedy makes for excellent sex because I cried every day at least once a day and then we screwed like wild dogs in heat at night. We had some of the best sex we've ever had when DC's dad died so I think it's some kind of life-affirming reaction to being around death and/or tragedy.

We hit the Smithsonian and the Leather Rack, both of which were awesome. We got magnets from the Smithsonian and neurowheels and a new slapper from the Rack.

We got to see the Boy for lunch coming and going, which was great. He and I hammered out new BDSM boundaries and talking face-to-face worked out so much better than over the phone ever could. I got to smooch his face off, too, so bonus.

DC left a little bit ago and won't be back from his girlfriend's until sometime Saturday. I say it every time - I miss him when he goes but I'm glad he goes. He'll be able to unwind some with her and I can putter around on my own schedule without worrying about bothering him.

Occasionally I wish I had someone to spend the time with (I haven't been on a non-BDSM-play-date date in who knows how long) and I feel lonely. And then I get on a cleaning binge and 4 hours have passed before I know it and the lonely is gone. Or I'll OD on westerns and pizza (or CSI and Chinese food), 6 hours will pass and the lonely will be gone then, too. Or then I'll get sucked into this (no pun intended) and really forget about being lonely. Hee.

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