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Monday, 10/02/2006 - 11:04 p.m.

I was assigned to a case I'd never done before and the charge nurse pulled the experienced tech assigned to help me away at the last minute. So I fumbled quite a bit (but did the case) but about halfway thru an RN (not even assigned to the case) took it upon herself to go tattle to the charge nurse that I was having trouble. Feh.

DC, the Boy, Tattoo, Mama, and I went to my grandfather's house in Podunk early Saturday morning to clean it out. Good lord. He truly believed that at some point that he'd be well enough to move back down there and live alone. We hauled bags of trash, moved furniture, packed like crazy people, and got hella bug bites. He'd unplugged the free-standing freezer at some point, with food still in it, and it had maggots. I've done amputations, gangrenous bowel resections, dripping-blood heart cases, spurting blood cases, and various other stinky/gross cases without turning a hair, but the smell from that freezer made me step out on the back porch in case I had to vomit over the side. We were dirty and stinky and starving by the time we'd emptied the house to Mama's satisfaction. Unloading, thank you deities, took no time at all compared to loading the truck. We all ended up with quite a bit of stuff. Tattoo and MyRu just bought a house and they need furniture in a bad way so a lot of the big pieces are theirs.

No one cried, which was good, and we had some fun while mom had stories about several pieces of furniture.

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