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Tuesday, 08/15/2006 - 9:49 p.m.

He may not ever be a ladies' man
Maybe his callused hands have been too long in the sun
But he will always be the one I love
'Cause he still does what no one's ever done
And it means more to me than he will ever know
'Cause words could never say
How much I love the way

He talks to me
It does my heart good
To hear him talk to me
The way a lover should
He can ease my frustration
With his soothing conversation
And I love the way he's not afraid to talk to me

Now you can talk about the finer things
Big cars and diamond rings that light up your life
But let me tell you that the finest thing
Is the joy he brings when we turn out the light
And in those moments after we make love
That's when he holds me close
And gives me what I need the most


Oh I love the way he's not afraid to talk to me

-Lorrie Morgan, "He Talks To Me"

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