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Monday, 01/09/2006 - 7:34 p.m.

The pre-dungeon trip sex was absolutely killer. I showed DC my new shoes and tried on my faux leather pants with them to make sure they were high enough to keep me from tripping on my pants. Then I said "Do I need to wear hose or fishnets with these shoes? How would that look?" and shit was on then. I tried on thigh-high fishnets with my trashy Barbie shoes and DC and the Boy jumped me. Flat-out jumped me. We didn't even make up on to the bed; they just bent me over it and assaulted me. YAY!!! Fucking in slut-shoes is damned hot and reminded me exactly what I was (sometimes) to those 2 men. My hair was ruined, tears made tracks down my face, and all 3 of us were drenched in fuck-sweat. I even sprayed a little and they ordered me to just wear it to the dungeon.

The dungeon trip was pretty much a waste of time and money, and I'm going to stop hosting field trips. I enjoyed seeing a few people and watching those people play, though. The Boy and I looked really good, too. Since I've calmed down a lot from my younger years and no longer do "pick-up" scenes to slap around strangers, there's no real point in going to the dungeon. The only men I want to (or let) touch me these days are DC and the Boy, and all the women I'm interested in are either straight, taken by jealous/insecure partners, or crazy. (I'd like to find a girlfriend that I don't have to share with anyone.)

The Boy's mother was coming to town today so he had to leave early Sunday to clean some more. We slept in a little late and had wild sex for 3 hours. My period started in the night, which *always* means I'm a she-devil about sex. The hormones kicking back up, my temp. going up, not to mention the opportunity to smear blood everywhere makes me insatiable. I rode the Boy like a rented camel until both knees and thighs cramped. I bit him and pulled his hair, spit in his face, dug my nails into his upper pecs until he cried "uncle", and slapped his face 'til my hand hurt. He's a martial artist and by paying attention to some of the holds he uses on me, I pulled a few surprise ones on him which just fueled me on. We took a breather and then he rode *me* like a rented camel and all I could do was hold on and come. He also got his fist in me for the second time! I'm so proud. I really want DC to try it, too, but it will have to be tomorrow. I was totally energized after all that and cooked and cleaned like a dervish. Dinner was really good, too.

Since the Boy goes in the hospital on Wednesday, we all sat down last night after dinner and discussed his wishes should anything happen while he was under anesthesia (or at any time in the future). I'm really tickled he trusts DC, too, if for some reason I can't carry out his wishes. I'll go up there Wed. as soon as school lets out, stay as long as the hospital will let me, and come home in time for bed. I cried Friday on the Boy when he got here about his surgery and I cried a little last night saying good-bye, but he's not panicking so I'm not panicking. I'll call him soon and see how the colon cleansing is going...hee hee.

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