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Friday, 12/10/2010 - 7:02 a.m.

About 30 minutes ago I jerked myself awake because I had fallen asleep with gum in my mouth and was choking on it. I didn't mean to fall asleep chewing it; one second I'm reading my book to settle down for bed and chewing and then I'm wide awake trying to spit out watermelon bubble gum without being aware I'd fallen asleep.

Some psychic instinct woke me up because I was sitting out here at my 'puter about 15 minutes later wolfing down a giant piece of chocolate chip cookie cake when {BAM! BAM! BAM!} "{County name} County Sheriff's Deputy! Open up! {BAM! BAM! BAM!} "Sheriff's Deputy here to serve a subpoena! Open your door, please!" echoes through the house. Holy crap, dude.

I knew the subpoena was coming some time this week but what timing that I was already up and close to the front door on the correct morning. One of our neighbors is being wrongfully evicted and I volunteered weeks ago to testify on her behalf so I go to court next week.

Did I mention the Deputy was huge and armed to the teeth? Yeah. No wonder folks panic and run when being served papers.

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