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Monday, 09/26/2011 - 2:22 p.m.

Shout-out to Stepfordtart and Carrie - knowing other "normal" people get scarily psychotically angry too makes me feel a lot less like a deranged lunatic.

It's not been all neon enhanced anger these past few weeks, though, honest. The house is coming along, slowly but surely. My brain says "It only took 3 weeks or so of intensive packing to get out of the apartment so why isn't the unpacking going that fast?" and then I tell my brain to fuck off, I've unpacked 6 boxes (or done 8 loads of laundry or scrubbed all three bathrooms or hand-washed 2 loads of "good" dishes), I'm going to play Fallout New Vegas.

I went through my clothes once already before we moved to cull out donation stuff and now I'm in the middle of doing it again. I cannot believe how many clothes I have that do not fit or are repeats. How many black sweat pants do I really need? How many winter coats and jackets do I really need? I'm up to 6 black brassieres (all different styles, though) and I'm pretty sure there's one more black one still in a box. There's definitely 2 more "work" bras that don't show under scrubs packed somewhere. This image disturbs me - no one's closet looks like that. My brother is also a clothes hog and I wonder if it comes from growing up poor. We didn't starve (obviously) and we always had a good roof over our heads but new clothes and new shoes were hard to come by. I don't believe in throwing clothes or shoes away just because they're "old". I also don't believe in throwing clothes away that are holey. You patch them up as best you can and keep on wearing them, even if they become around-the-house sloppy clothes. When the material can no longer hold stitches or a patch, then you throw it away. I'm sure there's a support group for people who hoard their good clothes and you can bet they'll be a well-dressed bunch. Heh.

I probably weeded out a hundred books before we moved and I'll be damned if there's not 5 medium-sized boxes of books currently sitting in the living room. DC is going to hang shelving for them when I finally get around to picking out what I want. Feh. I'll need to do another round of weeding out, though, *before* we hang the shelves.

An entire kitchen cabinet is devoted to china and stemware. Exhusband had the good silverware and I had the china settings for 8. And crystal wineglasses, dessert bowls, parfait glasses, grapevine glasses, and a couple of Mikasa serving tray things. Who the hell needs that much china and crystal? I'm hesitant to use any of it in case it gets broken but going by that same logic I shouldn't ever wear any of my good clothes because they might get torn/ruined or wear the good perfume because it might run out, etc.

I hear Tyler Durden saying this in my head and I know it's all just stuff but it's *my* stuff, you know?

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