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Monday, 06/30/2008 - 10:27 p.m.

Friday night was Casino Night at the dungeon and we had a ball. We won enough to make bidding on Saturday night fun instead of a chore. Usually everyone else has tons of play money and we have diddly so this was a nice change. I wasn't the highest bid on Sat but I was close. I was also bidding on Strawberry, who I really wanted, and the winner gave her to me as a gift. I about lost my mind. I'm not smooth with the ladies because I'm entirely too blunt and honest about fucking and sucking and wanting to spank them til they cry. Not a lot of finesse, that's me. Since Xie over a year ago, there's been no other women who have caught my interest except this one. And I got her on a silver platter. Jesus Gawd. We have a play date next month and I'm already plotting.

Cousin Dinner was yesterday for LadyA's birthday. We also met her boyfriend. I have absolutely no idea what she sees in him but he treats her well and that's all I cared about.

I'm in Podunk for the next couple of days to house-sit for the Boy while he has some remodeling done. I made dinner and I'll make dinner tomorrow night, too. I'd do his laundry too, if his washer and dryer didn't always outsmart me. There are entirely too many buttons and settings on those things. The only reason *he* knows how to work them is because his company makes them. Hee. I'll have to pry him off Guitar Hero in a little bit to go to bed, like a little kid.

I miss not kissing DC good night.

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