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Monday, 04/19/2010 - 7:50 p.m.

So I have a massive crush on Nigel. Some of it is physical - he's cute as he can be, he's *ahem* inexperienced with women, and inexperienced BDSM-wise. I have had the best time teaching him sex stuff and BDSM stuff and we've just barely scratched the surface. The bigger chunk of it is mental - he's sharp as a tack, has a warped sense of humor worse than mine, and he can make me laugh.

We had a play date Saturday night and spent the first hour and a half just talking. Fully clothed, no less, without a rope or smacky implement in sight. Giggling and being silly, but talking seriously as well. We have a couple of kinks in common that I haven't gotten to mess around with in years and that's really appealing, but getting along with our clothes on is even more appealing. I want all of this to be a good experience for him so in a year or two (or whenever he moves on) he'll walk away with positive sex and BDSM memories. Plus he'll have bragging rights about bagging an older woman. Hee.

I went out to dinner alone on Friday night because DC was with his girlfriend. My waiter, who was extremely cute, made a very polite pass at me so I said "what the hell" and gave him my number. He did indeed call and we had a dinner date for tonight but he stood me up. So I'm left wondering if all the flirting was genuine and he just forgot about our date or if he was just fucking with me. Feh.

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