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Tuesday, 02/13/2007 - 10:15 p.m.

The restroom attached to our locker room at work always always ALWAYS smells like a fat woman's ass. Now, I'm a fat woman and I have an ass so it conceiveably could be me, but according to housekeeping the potty always smells like that. One of the toilets has a faulty trap which explains why it's out of order most of the time, hence the smell.

If I do not pay the bills the nanosecond I take them out of the mailbox, I forget all about them. Duh. So they're sitting right in front of me to pay after I post this.

I'm feeling the itch regarding tattoos and it's time to get new ink. I'm having my first one (which matches Exhusband's) reworked. I'm not sure if the reworking will be how I imagine it but I'm ready for the change. I also want new back ink and have those all picked out. I'm squirreling away a little each paycheck for the "Finance My New Tattoos" fund.

I asked little chickie out last night and I'm on pins and needles for her answer. Even if she says no, I at least followed my attraction and asked.

OBGYN on Thursday because I can't take it anymore. DC has had to smear diaper rash ointment on my hind end for 2 days now because of those goddamned Kotex. Feh. I can't have sex either because it hurts (in the bad way) and the blood burns DC. Double feh.

Tomorrow is the Big Cupid and it will always be the day I told the Boy for the first time I was in love with him. Yay!

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