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Saturday, 07/10/2010 - 11:41 a.m.

So let's see....

The doctor that made rounds Friday morning about 8 am told Aunt Beulah that DC's mama was "still stable, still doing OK, but she's probably not going to leave the hospital.". Alrighty then.

The pulmonologist that spoke with DC Friday about 12:30 pm said that she was going to drain her lungs again, and if she was well enough for surgery tomorrow (Saturday) then the pulmonologist was going to go ahead and put in a lung catheter and send DC's mama home. Wait...what?

Yet another conflicting report, which is par for the course this week. We can't get a straight answer out of anyone. Her primary doctor finally called DC late yesterday afternoon and told him she was no longer the primary doctor; the pulmonologist is because the lungs (not the cancer) are the top priority right now. She also confirmed (we already heard it from Aunt Beulah) that she hadn't called us/returned our calls because DC's mama forbid it.

Nigel and I had plans last night to go to the club for the human pet shop night and by gawd we went. His animal alter ego is a bunny so he had the ears and a furry little bow tie and poof-poof tail. I sewed the tail to a pair of gray jammie pants and he wore a gray t-shirt and I wanted to touch him inappropriately. He was *so* cute! We took diced apples so I could hand-feed him and we did snuggles. We're going to the mall today just to get out for a little while. I've tried to stay close to home this week, waiting for the phone call and I'm slightly stir-crazy.

Tomorrow I'm going to Aunt Chatterbox's to address all the invitations for LadyA's wedding, bridal shower and bach. party. I'm taking Nigel with me and I'm going to try really hard to get DC to go, too. Even to get him out for just a little while so he's not marking time waiting for the phone to ring should help him some.

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