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Sunday, 01/21/2008 - 2:41 a.m.

The end of 2006/beginning of 2007 saw the Great Firecracker Squirrel Exodus from the Boy's attic. This year, the little bastards have chewed their way back in and the plan is The Squirrel Relocation Program. This involves a cage trap baited with pate? caviar? squirrel chow? something to lure in squirrels, one at a time. Once the trap closes, the Boy is going to drive the hissing, spitting, pissing squirrel to a new location that is not our yard and DC is going to poke the squirrel with a stick to get it out of the cage. The squirrel, according to the Boy, will then bond with other squirrels present and not come back to our yard. I will be in the car, wearing several Depends undergarments because I will be laughing until I pee. DC said that he will not be the squirrel poker-with-a-stick and that the Boy would have to do it. The debate that followed about who had to poke the pissed off squirrel was hilarious.

When DC and I got to the Boy's yesterday, we literally had to force him out the door to get dinner because he was planning (in the freezing cold dark) to get the ladder right then to fix the new hole the "squirrel bastards" had made. "Squirrel bastards" is fun to say. The Boy is convinced all the squirrels are in league to drive him crazy. I'm PMSing like a mofo (see the previous entry) and the Boy channeled some of it unfortunately. So *he* was PMSing as well while plotting squirrel death. He and DC blocked off the attic access again so we'll see if that stops the little bastards.

During the last storm some trees fell over onto the Boy's backyard shed so we had to move all that crap today. I got to use the chainsaw (no wonder my mom loves hers!!!) on the trees and I didn't even care that it's an electric trigger chainsaw. Or as DC called it..."a chainsaw for chicks". Whatever, dude. I rocked on. I wanted to saw some more trees.

I have tomorrow off, hallelujah. Work has been OK and I have been trying very hard to not let the Devil's Concubine under my skin. I've been failing miserably because I want to slap her face off 3 days out of 5. Whoops. She had a knot jerked in her tail about 2 weeks ago about how she runs the evening shift. So she's acting now like she gives a damn about if our night time chores get done and about being fair in the rotation of who gets a case next. Blech. I said way back in October that she showed her true colors and she can't go back and change that. There's real "change" and then there's "good behavior".

Since DC's contract has been extended indefinitely, he's told me several times I can tell'em all to kiss my ass and quit if I want. I really don't want to quit; I *LOVE* the work, just not the people. If I get to the point where I cry about going or can't sleep at night because I'm dreading going in, then yeah, it's quittin' time.

I have clean sheets and an electric blanket calling my name. Awww yeah.

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