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Monday, 12/17/2007 - 1:12 p.m.

I came home at 11 pm Friday with a 100 degree fever. Feh. A case booked on right at change of shift and until the call team can get there, someone has to stay to open and set up. That would be me; fever, aches, chills and all.

The fever broke early Saturday morning which was great, and the pooping and barfing started Saturday afternoon, which was not great. I had DC's mop bucket in my lap on the potty, crying all the while. I've not been *that* sick since I was in junior high. Happy holidays indeed. We missed the local dungeon's holiday party due to my gastrointestinal distress, dammit.

I woke up Sunday feeling absolutely wonderful and didn't trust the feeling. After, oh, say 6 Gas-X and possibly 8 Immodium I felt even better. Dinner with the Dysfunctionals was the first solid food I'd had since Friday. And lo, it was *good*.

The Dysfuntional Family Xmas went better than it ever has since my dad's parents died. I realized last night that my stepmother never ever acted like she does now in front of them. The Boy went with us and seemed to be accepted. The Dysfunctionals still don't exactly understand our relationship but it's OK.

After presents we all went to Carrie and Weaz's for drinks and Guitar Hero. Apparently DC and the Boy decided that we also need GH for our house. I'll be practicing when no one else is around to watch me screw up. Hee. It really is fun and totally addicting.

DC and I both called in late today. YAY! The Boy is still here, too so what am I doing blogging?

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