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Sunday, 11/19/2006 - 10:31 p.m.

Usually every November I yank all the past year's posts and start over fresh, but I decided not to do that this time. Last year's posts fluctuated between bitterly hateful and deliriously happy, and I'm not really missing anything by them not being posted. Every so often I read all those old posts just to get perspective on the now so I can realize that yes, my life has improved tremendously. And that I didn't know what I was missing until I found it.

Thursday and Friday at work were pretty quiet and I'm hoping that trend continues this week. We're going to my mother's for T'Giving and I have a crapload of pies to make after work.

The Boy and I went to Tupelo on Saturday and DC did a favor for his girlfriend that required him to stay here. We had a great time and got home later than we planned. Surprise. I got the chore of T'Giving grocery shopping out of the way that afternoon so we could do fun stuff the rest of the weekend. The Boy and I went to the dungeon Sat. night and we're both some marked up dirty sluts. He has a couple of bruised spots and I have a couple of tender spots that aren't showing a bruise yet but probably will. Yay! And then we had really nasty sex when we got home. Yay! DC slept through all of it, even when I accidentally screamed and my headboard was clanging up against the wall.

DC made pancakes this morning and we went to see Borat. Well, we had quickie sex first then the movie. Borat is worth the 8 bucks so just cough it up and go. I'd like to see it one more time on DVD so I can turn the subtitles on because I'm pretty sure I missed some stuff.

Even as good as I love Frick and Frack, I'm really looking forward to sleeping alone tonight.

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