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Wednesday, 08/02/2006 - 9:41 p.m.

The Boy's birthday went fabulously! We didn't get to do ATM stuff, but I did dress up and he did paw me and violate me. YAY! We ran errands during the day Saturday and the Boy took me for a pedicure. Double YAY! We went to dinner with the Makeup Man and the Metal Man, and DC came up as well.

Lightning early Saturday morning blew up the Boy's TV, PlayStation and computer so the boys tried to salvage what they could after dinner. The PlayStation people, despite the PS being only 6 months old, refuse to honor the warranty because it doesn't cover "Acts of God". Gimme a damn break. DC is going to work his magic on the Boy's hard drive to see if it's salvagable. The Boy bought a new TV Saturday night because he couldn't stand the thought of being without a computer *and* a TV. Hee.

After DC left came the nastiness and lo, it was good. Sunday was lazy and we didn't move. We went to BWW for dinner and trivia but that was all the moving we did, literally. I got to spend Sunday night for the first time in almost a year. Kissing the Boy goodbye on Monday morning is the *best*, especially since he had a presentation for the CEO of the company that morning.

I hit town about 12 and went for my TB test and got the all-clear on my blood and urine. YAY! I took Vicodin back when I had the earache from hell and I warned the nurse about that. She said if I took it longer than 30 days ago then it didn't matter so I pointed out to her on the medical screening application the part that says if you test positive for a drug(s) without listing the drug(s) (30 days or not) then the job offer is rescinded. She was surprised I had read the fine print about that. Duh. I'm not screwing up this opportunity. I even considered going underground with my BDSM/GLBT activities until after I was officially hired so there would not even be a chance of the background check turning up anything. I hate that I even considered it but being here in the buckle of the Bible Belt makes a difference. So far so good, though, and I hope to get the results of the background check when I go in tomorrow to have my TB test read.

The Munch anniversary is this weekend and I cannot wait! We're going to the local dungeon and I'm really excited about it. We haven't been in months because there's no point in going if asses aren't going to be beaten. The Boy is on my short list of floggees, and I'm hoping he and DC will gang up on me to work me over. If we don't stagger home at daybreak, it wasn't a good party.

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