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Tuesday, 07/05/2011 - 1:42 a.m.

Sucker Punch is some fucked-up shit that just happens to have a bunch of hot chicks and really cool fight scenes. But it's mostly the fucked-up part. DC warned me that it was going to disturb me but that I should watch it anyway so Nigel and I watched it tonight. After I snotted my way through the 4th tissue I was pretty sure watching it was a mistake. I'm a dumbass sometimes - anytime DC says a movie is going to disturb me, he's usually right on the money.

So, to counter the horrible feeling Sucker Punch left me with, what cinematic masterpiece did I choose to watch next? That's right...Roller Boogie. A chunky, chubby, totally hot 19 year old Linda Blair prancing around in skin-tight spandex and high heels with a really bad perm. Awwwww, yeah. I'll be in my bunk.

In non-bunk-related news, we close on the house on the 29th. I started swamping out my room today and found at least a hundred books stashed everyfrickingwhere. I also found a ton of porn - why in the hell do I still have Hustlers from 1995? I've already culled down the books so I suppose I'll have to cull down the porn, too.

Nigel went home to Podunk this weekend to tell his mother I'm married. He told his sister about a month ago and while she did not flip right the hell out, she wasn't overjoyed, either. His mother didn't flip out like we thought she would and she apparently still loves me so yay us. She still has to tell Nigel's dad so we'll see if she's still OK with it all after she's broken the news to him. We have the two main players on our side, though, and Nigel swears up and down that his father will look to his mother to see how he needs to react.

The one thing in telling his family that has bothered me (and continues to bother me, let's not lie about it) is both his mother and sister have said their only concern is him getting hurt by being involved with me. Did it ever cross their minds that maybe one day he would break my heart, rather than vice versa?

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