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Monday, 10/16/2007 - 12:42 a.m.

I went over the Devil's Concubine's head about 2 weeks ago and apparently something was said to her today. My main gripes were about being singled out for ortho-neuro cases and the promises made to rotate other people thru ortho-neuro so we on the evening shift would all know how to do it all.

Well, they did indeed listen and someone else was assigned to the evening ortho cases. Who, you ask? Why, none other than Eve. Eve who is quitting and will be taking all her training and experience with her when she leaves in 2 weeks. Brilliant plan, admin morons.

The Bosnian Terror will be there tomorrow and I volunteered to do his case. Since I requested to do it the Devil's Concubine will not assign me to it just to be contrary. The other scenario is she *will* assign me to it just to be a bitch but I *know* how to do the case so no worries about falling on my face. Bring it on.

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