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Tuesday, 09/11/2007 - 11:30 p.m.

Dealing with Exhusband makes me twitch and I suppose it always will. However, we were both cordial on the phone today and I agreed to help him with a small issue regarding the house stuff.

I caught the Bash Crud that seems to have affected 2/3 of the people that went so I'm in distinguished company. I don't feel like dying as much as I did yesterday.

We got to Dallas 2 weeks ago tomorrow and got all 9? 10? bags and crap to the room. Thursday was the Meet N Greet and I was kind of nervous until the Boy told me *he* was nervous. Mama mode kicked in and I wasn't nervous any more. I met tons of nice nice nice people. I finally met Vee and Callthewind!!! Creme and GB will have to wait until next year's Bash.

Friday I went shopping at Sam Moon and lost my damn mind. I bought trashy rhinestone jewelry and clip on hair and went nuts. The place is wall to wall purses and jewelry and more jewelry. My mother would have stroked out and died at all the sparklies. I bought her a sparkly rhinestone picture frame. The Boy and I had 30 people at the Leather Dinner Friday afternoon!!! Whoo hoo! We volunteered to host it again next year. That night was Slut Night and I wore the rufflebutt panties and the plaid skirt. I got a free drink out of it by flashing my undies at the bartender. I showed my panties to everyone and really *really* liked it. I slobbered all down the front of myself at Vee, who is totally hot. Callthewind is hot, too, but in a mommy/comfort way. I'd let Vee beat the snot out of me and Callthewind could cuddle me afterwards. *squish*

The hosts of the Bash were celebrating their 10 year anniversary so there was a wedding/rededication of vows ceremony on Saturday. I cried all the way thru it. I didn't mean to, but it was *awesome* to see these 2 people (who society says can't legally get married because they're the same gender) exchange rings again and reconfirm their vows. Their marriage has lasted longer than some straight people's marriages. The chapel was gorgeous and everyone was dressed to the nines. We got a great seat because one of the ushers is a close friend of the Boy's.

The Ball was that night too, so the Boy picked up dinner while I put my face on. I also put on my hair, which is a big ol' curly ponytail thing that looked *gorgeous*. People stopped the Boy to tell him how beautiful I was. I told them all that my plan was working because if I could dazzle them with how pretty I was then no one would notice I didn't have much to say. Ha.

I had gotten over that pretty much by Sunday afternoon, though. I didn't want to open my big opinionated mouth and embarrass the Boy which is why I didn't say a lot. We were, after all, on his turf, with his friends, in his element. The absolute last thing I wanted to do was make him look bad.

The BBQ and karaoke were on Sunday and we had a *blast*. I didn't want to go back to the hotel after karaoke because the Bash would really be over then. A bunch of us went out for midnight munchies and that helped some.

The drive home was a helluva lot longer than the drive in. Funny how that works. Dallas is totally on the list of places to visit again. I would *love* to go back and take DC with us.

I've been sleeping and snotting since we got home. I went back to work last Wednesday and managed to make it thru the week without getting really ill. The crud hit me hard Sunday and I called in sick yesterday. I hate calling in sick but I couldn't stop barfing up snot, blowing out snot, or my favorite, coughing until I peed and threw up. Yippee. Blargh.

I had today off anyway for the Tuesday meeting and I snotted my way thru that OK. I feel pretty good right now sitting here so we'll see how tomorrow goes. First time I cough til I barf, though, and they'll be sending me home. Feh.

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