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Thursday, 07/31/2008 - 8:59 p.m.

A friend in the lifestyle that I've known for years asked me if we could maybe play this weekend. My immediate reply was "I have a full dance card", which is completely accurate and sounds really snotty. I've said the exact same thing to people I really don't like and people whose feelings matter zero to me and I was OK with it sounding snotty then. I don't want to tell an old friend that but it's the truth. I'm still working on a polite way to say "no thank you" without hurting his feelings or alienating him.

DC and the Boy get first go-round this weekend because I've been neglecting them in favor of the Strawberry. Which was consentual with all parties involved but now it's time to tend to matters in my own household. DC *really* needs some Mistress time and I've not beaten the Boy in months. And I really need to play with people I know inside and out and can really let loose with. I've been holding back with the Strawberry, partly because she's still new and we're still getting to know each other. Partly, also, because she's not had the best of luck with local tops taking her where she wants to go. If I treat her as bad as I treat DC and the Boy at this stage, she'll run screaming into the night. Not cool.

The Munch anniversary is this weekend and I'm really pleased. Not excited so much, but definitely pleased it's made it this long and I've not given up in frustration even though I've wanted to. There should be a decent turnout and I hope a lot of folks come to the dungeon that night, too.

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