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Monday, 06/26/2006 - 7:45 p.m.

Mondays always suck. The degree of suckiness varies, of course, and some Mondays suck less than others. But yeah, they all suck.

I did a carotid endarterectomy this morning (scraping the fat out of a carotid artery) and I'm hooked on CV. Absolutely hooked. I say "I did" like I did anything more than hold a retractor and blot blood but it was enough. I'm going to specifically apply for the general/CV service when I apply.

Friday started out as a crap day and sort of got better. I did a total hip with another tech and I wanted to cry afterwards. I felt so stupid and it was like all these past weeks of training and practice amounted to dick. He jumped all over me for the way I loaded a needle driver but he didn't have time to teach me the "right" way to load it. You have enough time to embarrass me and bitch about how I'm currently loading it but you don't have enough time to show me how you want it done? Ooooooookay. Up yours, slick. Even if I didn't already *hate* orthopedics, that would have done it. I make myself do ortho cases because I desperately need the experience but I'd rather eat a live hairy cockroach than do any more ortho.

I did 2 tonsillectomy/adenoidectomies by myself Friday afternoon and that boosted my spirit some. SQ scrubbed in with me for the 1st one just to show me what to do, but she turned me loose for the last 2. I still felt stupid on the 1st one because I was bumbling around but I did feel better about the others. If I was told tomorrow I was going to spend the day alone doing T & A's, I could do it. (If I was told I was going to spend the day doing total hips and total knees alone, I'd cry.)

The Boy came down Saturday and we went to the yearly pool party some of our scene friends host. I got cornered by a crazy lady I haven't seen in probably 8 years and if I don't see her for another 8, that's fine by me. Jesus Gawd...your drama woes have not improved nor even changed in 8 years. Maybe the problem is *you*, eh? Aside from her, it was great. The Divine Miss M was there! I haven't seen her physically in almost a year altho we talk online.

After the pool party, there were naps and buttsex. *Incredible* buttsex, to the point I came hard and then cried hard enough to see little gray spots. The Boy made me suck DC off after all that, and I mean made...held me down by my hair and sat on my butt and dug his elbow in my back once to keep me down. We've all come a long way sexually in 2 years! Even a year ago that would not have happened because of everyone's comfort levels. Then the Boy made me suck *him* off, complete with hair pulling and threats. YAY!!!

We finally went to bed for good about 5 am and I was a slug until about 1 pm. Sleeping in on a Sunday after hours of grand sex is one of the best things in the entire world. DC was meeting BDR over at his girlfriend's so the Boy and I went to lunch and ran errands. And then we had more sex. YAY!!!

I *love*love*love* getting the Boy off, especially when I can smell him on me as I go to sleep. I love knowing that DC can smell another man on me and it turns him on. I woke up this morning smelling like both of them and that helped Monday not be so sucky.

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