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Wednesday, 08/11/2010 - 9:25 p.m.

Today is the first day in over 2 weeks where I've been alone. Completely, totally, no-contact-with-real-live-people alone.

The living room still looks like a bomb went off in it (but the curtains are fabulous!).

My bedroom also looks like a war zone but that's pretty much normal these days.

There are some nasty-ass trick towels from Nigel's visit that I probably should have washed today.

I can't find my phone charger and don't care.

I didn't get dressed until about 6 pm this evening - I just ran around nekkid after I got up. And by "dressed" I mean "pajamas" - not real clothes. Altho I did try on those capris and not only did they button, they zipped, too.

I could definitely stand to go brush my teeth.

Today is the first day since July 26th I've stopped. Simply stopped and been alone and been still. All I've done today is eat, poop, surf the Web, and read. I'm not sure if I'm depressed or if I'm just recuperating from the 2 weeks away followed immediately by massive housecleaning.

Tomorrow will be a more productive day. It can't be less productive, that's for damn sure.

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