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Sunday, 11/01/2009 - 7:16 p.m.

The setting: I threw a movie quote on DC this evening as we were getting dressed to go run errands and he mistakenly answered "Don't Mess with the Zohan? Is that it?"

Me: Dude, I cannot believe you even said that. What a crap movie. And we never paid {name deleted} back for recommending it to us, either.
DC: A weekend of forced butt-sex would probably make it up to us, though.
Me: I don't see how that makes it up to me.
DC: You can hold her down while I butt-fuck her.
Me: Dude, holding chicks down for you to butt-fuck is not as exciting as you think it is. Trust me.
DC: What if she's crying?
Me: Hrrmmm. That helps some. But it's still not as exciting as you think it is. I need more than just holding the person down.
DC: Well, what if you slapped her around some? And made her cry?
Me: OK, this is getting better. How sad is this - that there has to be some kind of force or violence or power and control for me to even care?
DC: Sicko.
Me: Maybe. Violence and force do it for me, no matter what side I'm on. As long as we're within the limits of consent, of course, I'm good with it. You can *still* force someone who is willing. Rrrrrowr. Damn, we're nasty.

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