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Friday, 07/09/2010 - 12:03 p.m.

So we've been sitting on "go" since Tuesday or so, ready to hop a plane. DC's mama is still stable, but still on oxygen and still trying to breathe through fluid-filled lungs. The update we got yesterday afternoon was "It will be soon. Not tonight, but soon.". Alrighty then.

And who did we hear this from, you ask? Her doctor? No. Her nurse? No. From any other qualified medical professional? No. From her sister because DC's mama left strict orders with everyone involved that no one was to speak directly to me or DC except her sister. I can't get a nurse or a doctor to return my calls and I sure as fuck can't get her primary doctor to call DC. I know she thinks she's "helping" DC by keeping him out of the loop but jesus gawd. Any information goes from the primary doctor to whatever secondary doctor is on that day to the sister to us. What the fuck? Right now, her sister is working on getting her primary doctor to call DC even though his mother forbid it. I think we're just spitting into the wind but this getting the info third- or fourth-hand is bullshit.

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