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Monday, 02/13/2006 - 6:22 p.m.

Friday it snowed and all of the city lost its mind. DC and the Boy both asked me not to get out in the mess because neither of them could come get me if I had a wreck. So I ended up with a crock pot full of meatballs for the Femdom/malesub party that I didn't attend.

I had to be up with the Boy on Saturday because we were hosting the GLBT Munch. The roads were absolutely cleared of snow and in some places bone dry. We had a very small turnout for lunch but we did discuss some business issues regarding the group, which was good.

The Boy and I celebrated our Valentine's Day Saturday night and he took me for a Japanese hibachi dinner. OMG! It was *so* good! We decided that hibachi was going to be our Valentine's special dinner. He got me Kissy Monkeys and candles and candy, and I'm going to black and polish all his boots for as long as he wears them. Spiffing up my Daddy, so to speak.

We got to do the big one yesterday! After the Boy put 16 clothespins on my shaved twat and took pictures, of course. Nothing says lovin' like a whole lot of pain and sex. Neither of us realized how much we missed that part of our relationship until we couldn't do it for over a month. I almost cried over how goooooood it felt to hold him with my legs wrapped around him. The actual penis-in-vagina was grand, too, but the intimacy part is what I missed the most.

It started snowing with big fat flakes so I left early yesterday evening. I missed the GLBT meeting but no one came so I didn't really miss any business.

Lab finals start a week from tomorrow and I'm pumped. I cannot believe how fast this term flew by. I guess being in the lab 3 days out of 5 helps that illusion of time flying by. We're definitely going to lose some people this term and as much as I like some of them, bye-bye. When you're a danger to a patient because you don't know or don't care what you're doing, then you're in the wrong career. Someone actually said that if she contaminated herself or anything else during her final she was going to lie and say she didn't. Sheesh.

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