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Sunday, 07/17/2011 - 11:42 p.m.

Setting: I'm explaining to Nigel about some folks coming to town next weekend to visit our local dungeon.

Me: Yeah, she wants hotel info and I'm trying to explain to her that she does not want to stay at {the crack whore motel}.

Nigel: Why does she *want* to stay there?

Me: Apparently because it's cheap. I'm reading her profile right now - oh, god, she has multiple personalities. She's self-diagnosed with multiple personalities. How do you self-diagnose that?

Nigel: Oh, joy. She's schizophrenic and doesn't know it.

Also overheard at my house:

Me: Someone found my blog by searching for "sadistic Mommy". Why would you search for that?

Nigel: They were probably looking for porn.

Me: There's sadistic Mommy porn?!

Nigel: Duh. Google it.

And sure enough, there's sadistic older-woman-younger-man-calling-her-Mommy porn.

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