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Thursday, 07/24/2008 - 3:19 a.m.

You'd think that I would learn that taking a nap at 5 pm screws me up for the rest of the night. Duh. I keep doing it, though, like a dumbass. It's just *so* good to roll over from some good sex and doze off.

Pollyanna is going to be a travel nurse out West. I cried a little because I'm happy for her. She is a fantastic nurse and should be recognized as such. Gail is going to be an office nurse. I haven't heard from BethJane in a couple of weeks but we're meeting at her house for dinner in a week. I'll get caught up then. Since I quit 2 months ago, 6 people have also quit. One of my fave nurses had to take a health leave for exhaustion. I was terribly afraid I was just some weaselly whiner who couldn't hack it but people leaving right and left tells me it wasn't me.

Another month and I'll be pounding the pavement and passing out resumes. I sincerely hope I run into some faces I know.

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