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Tuesday, 11/16/2010 - 10:22 p.m.

I am not cheap; I'm frugal. Nigel graduates in about a month or so and needed a decent dress shirt and a tie. We found an Alfani shirt that's normally $45 on sale for $12. Hell, yes. We hit the Salvation Army store (I love that place!) and found a fabulous paisley Ralph Lauren tie (retail $115) for $1.50 because white tags were half-off on Saturday. I'll have to move the cuff buttons inward some because his wrists are so skinny and the tie has to be hand washed but that's small potatoes.

I've retired the blonde highlights for the winter. I've gone back to brunette and it's a shock every time I pass a mirror. After several someones (DC was the first months and months ago) in the past 4 weeks told me how "tired" I looked, I decided the only thing that had changed in that time frame was my blonde was much blonder. (To quote The Bircage: "You look tired" means "you look old." And "you look rested" means "you've had collagen.") So it's brunette again that looks like it's going to fade into some serious auburny red. I can live with it for the winter. I also waxed my own eyebrows and not only did they turn out fabulous I still have both. Heh.

I had to punish Nigel this past weekend and it was traumatic for both of us, partly because this was the first time since we've been involved and partly because I hate punishing anyone. Feh. However, I can't make good BDSM decisions based on false information and when I'm only being told a partial truth (or nothing at all, despite asking repeatedly) about his state of mind, serious shit can go wrong. Luckily when we played on Friday night I didn't do anything irreparable to his mind or body. So he got a lecture on always always always telling the truth during play times, 5 smacks on each butt cheek with his wooden spoon, and 15 minutes in the corner. I cried a little when it was all over...feh. I explained the consequences should he do it again, emphasized yet again how important it was to be honest with me about BDSM stuff, smooched his face, told him I loved him and that this cleared the slate between us. That's all I can do - it's on him if he willingly withholds info again.

Which brings us up to me seeing God on Sunday evening. Nigel is very much a toppy sort during sex sometimes but he's not really a sadist at any time. However, I convinced him to put some clothespins on my twat and I promptly spaced out. I haven't had painslut time in quite a while and I apparently needed it. I whacked it madly with those on while he twisted my nipples off and talked really ugly to me. We had to take the clothespins off for a little bit just for a breather and being a filthy whore, I asked for a butt plug, too. So there I am, clothespins back on the twat, plug in, nipples being pinched off, and when I came, I saw God. It might have been me graying out and only being semi-conscious; I'm not sure. What I am sure of, though, is in the 20 minutes or so that I laid there twitching and hallucinating and floating after it was all over, all was right with my world for the first time in weeks.

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