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Thursday, 07/23/2009 - 2:07 a.m.

So DC did all the missions in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and I've been doing all the "extra" bits - like courting all the women, doing bulldozer side missions, parking cars, etc. I have also been killing drug dealers, partially because they're worth 2 grand apiece, but mostly because I *love* blowing their heads off with my Desert Eagle. It's a .50 caliber gun and if you're close enough it will indeed blow a head clean off. The only thing more fun than the Desert Eagle is blowing people up with satchel charges.

The immense glee I'm taking in killing all these video game people bothered me for a little bit until I realized I'm not up on a water tower with a sniper rifle (not that I would do that) - it's a game and I'm mature enough to know it's a game.

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