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Sunday, 07/20/2008 - 6:06 p.m.

Lunch with my mother on Friday was hilarious. We ratted thru the only K-mart left in the free world. I didn't mean to spend the entire day with her but I did. I had enough time to drive home, shower (because the Curse came for my birthday, dontcha know), re-pin my hair, re-do my face, dress, and bolt out the door.

My non-nekkid, non-BDSM, non-sexual date with the Strawberry went very well as well. She was *so* pretty. The food was so-so but the conversation didn't flag and I only dropped food on myself once. We did have to scrap the movie but we had a leisurely almost 3-hour dinner so that was good. There is an extremely sharp mind in that pin-up girl body and I have to try really hard not babble when I'm with her. We read a *lot* of the same authors and love a *lot* of the same movies. I told DC on Saturday night on our date that being with her is like being around him and the Boy. Everything works and everything fits and I feel like I've known her for 3 years instead of 3 weeks.

As dinner was wrapping up, she mentioned that the dungeon was open that night instead of the regular night and perhaps I'd be interested in going? I had almost suggested the same thing earlier in the week but I squashed it because our date was a non-nekkid, non-BDSM, non-sexual one to see if we could along with our clothes on. Right. That lasted all of 3 hours. We're whores, we know it. We parted ways about 8:30 and I picked her up about 10:30.

We looked like a cleaning crew. Normally I have good hair and great makeup and am dressed in some sort of fetish wear. Feh. I had on flip-flops, denim capris, no makeup, no jewelry (including wedding rings) and had taken down my dinner up-do. Less shit to keep up with and fool with in the aftermath. She had on flip flops, cargo pants, and a ratty t-shirt, and it looked like she had taken off her makeup, too. We were bitches on a fuck mission - everything was easy to take off and machine-washable.

The dungeon was very un-busy and we had the smaller dungeon all to ourselves. I told her earlier that I wasn't bringing any of the BDSM stuff, just sex stuff and she should just brace herself. We covered the big bondage table with a tarp and a blanket and had a buffet of sex toy nastiness. I did a little bondage warmup with biting and hairpulling because it stokes both of us. After all the butt-Magic-Wand-dildo-spraying-crying stuff was over, we were cuddling on the table and she says "So does this mean you're going to keep me?" and I said "Yes, goddamn it, I'm going to keep you".

And then the panic set in. It's been over 6 years at least since I had a serious girlfriend. (And I wasn't sure what to do with *that* one since we got along sexually but not BDSM-wise and that was part of our downfall.) This one and I get along, as we found out, with our clothes on and off. Goddamn. I cried on her a little because I was just overwhelmed by my feelings for her. I know it's only been 3 weeks and she and I both have impulse problems but when both people agree you mean more to each other than just a good lay, that's definitely more than "impulse".

After I dropped her off at 4 in the morning, I went to snuggle with DC. I had rubbed out a couple of small O's with the Strawberry but apparently I was still torqued. DC was all over me like a cheap suit and I was into it. So into it that we had some rough evil buttsex and I piddled a little. And then passed out. By that point I'd been up almost 24 hours on about 3 hours sleep.

I slept and read most of my actual birthday day away and it was *glorious*. And then I choked my husband into unconsciousness. Well, that part was later. DC and I went to see Hellboy II and were sort of impressed. It wasn't as good as the first one but it was fun cheese. We came home and he asked if he could come snuggle with me in my bed. I got my book and he got his laptop and we were Mr. and Mrs. Married Couple until he kissed the back of my hand and started to cry.

I asked him what was wrong and he didn't know where the tears came from. So I cuddled him and I swear that's all I meant to do. What I ended up doing was lying all 250+ pounds of me full-length on top of him and constricting his chest and restricting his movements. And licking his face. Yeah, we're sick and it works for us. He asked for the strangle part, though. We've talked about me manually compressing his carotids and airway so he'll pass out and last night was the closest we've gotten in almost 8 years. After the 2nd time his eyes rolled back in his head I was done. It was totally hot and I was totally turned on, but I had gone as far as I was comfortable. He never did lose consciousness though he did come within a hair's breadth. I need to read up a lot about it before I'll try again. I insisted he sleep in my room afterwards so he was close. Every time I rolled over or got up to pee I checked his breathing. My mind would never ever be right again if I harmed him.

Happy Birthday to me, indeed.

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