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Friday, 05/23/2008 - 2:29 a.m.

So the White Booger's bladder and kidneys are fine. DC caught Tiny E in mid-squat in that corner when he got home from work yesterday. He caught TubboCat in mid-squat in the corner right before bed last night. Awesome. You rotten cat bitches. Both of them went to the vet today and no one is sick. It's a behavior issue. Double awesome. DC moved the new litter box right over that corner so they're peeing in the box as of right now. Hallelujah.

Medium Boss and I tied up today and, while it was not as ugly as the confrontation with Asshat, it was still pretty bad. She was actually outraged that I dared stand up to her and argue with her about Asshat's behavior and attitude. I guess I was supposed to roll over and just take it. She defended his actions until I finally said "I have to go!" and left rudely. When your subordinate is mistreating the employees under him and you condone his behavior you are then just as guilty as he is. She confirmed that I indeed made the right decision to get the hell out of there.

I started several painting projects back when I was still in tech school that I never finished. I'm going paint shopping next Friday. The kitchen is first because I think it will be the easiest. DC is going to wet his pants over me on the stepladder but I'm willing to compromise - I'll only use it when he or the Boy is home in case I fall. There is plenty of detail painting with a fine brush to be done that doesn't require the stepladder.

It's cuddle time.

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