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Sunday, 04/27/2008 - 6:23 p.m.

DC and the Boy pooled their money and bought all the crap to RockBand last night. OMG. The name of our band is "Pussyliquors" and DC's drummer character is named "Clitty". The Boy and I used our real names. Since I have zip instrument talent I am the singer by default. My character is wearing vinyl tights, a vinyl skirt, high heels, and a bikini top. Class all the way, that's me. The Boy's character looks like Ghost Rider, complete with big silver spikes sticking out of his leather jacket. He's also wearing guyliner. He wouldn't wear the goth lipstick, though, like DC and I wanted. DC's character is wearing panties, a bikini top, high heels, and smeared makeup. Her nickname is "Blowjob Clown" because that's what she looks like. They put it all together by 11 pm or so and we played that shit until 4:30 in the damn morning. I now hate Radiohead and Nirvana with a passion. If I have to sing Creep or In Bloom one more time I'll throw up. We've progressed enough that we have roadies, a jet, and can play globally. As the Boy remarked last night - "This beats the shit out of Pong.". They're currently on tour without me since I had some email business to clear up but I'm feeling the urge to belt out a song here soon. They actually can keep time and have rhythm. I can't carry a tune in a bucket but that doesn't stop me.

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