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Tuesday, 09/12/2006 - 12:19 a.m.

Thursday and Friday nights were my turn in the barrel, apparently, and I got slammed with 2 crap cases both nights. I volunteered on Thursday night for the emergency case we had roll in at 9 pm with the stipulation that someone experienced scrub in with me. Well, the experienced person managed to piss off the surgeon in the 1st 5 minutes he was there and so she just left. Just flat-out told the circulator she wasn't scrubbing in and left the room. So there's my dumb ass, on a case I've never scrubbed (let alone seen) before, with a pissed-off surgeon and a patient whose wound is spraying blood because the rough prep broke it open again. Joy. The surgeon wants me to drape the patient, which I don't know how to do for this particular wound...and come to find out, neither did he. Double joy. I got all the friggin' drapes on and thank you, deities, the night crew came on shift. I felt like a complete failure dumping that whole mess on them but it was either leave or scream insanely.

So karma crapped on me again Friday in the Case from Hell. It was yet another case I'd never done before but the charge nurse sent me in alone anyway. The surgeon was tired and cranky and to top that off, his pager went off about 6 times in 3 hours. Feh. It was a long complicated case and I almost cried in relief when it was finally over. The case ended about 10 minutes before my shift ended.

I did start to cry on the way up to the Boy's, after my shift ended and I stopped home to get my suitcase. I held out until exit 52 so I made it most of the way there without being a whinerpants. Feh.

Seeing the Boy (and DC for the 5 secs it took to get my suitcase) helped a lot. They can always put me back on track and make me feel better.

We hosted the GLBT Munch on Saturday, where no one came but us. We ran errands, bought books and ice cream, and I got my toes done. Happiness is a good pedicure, lemme tell ya. We took a fantastic nap and went to the local bar to meet the Hornsby Lesbians. YAY! Sunday was a lazy day, full of naps and laughing. I made the Boy piddle repeatedly, from laughing so hard. One of the best things in the world is to make someone you love laugh until s/he's red in the face and can't catch their breath.

I came home this morning just in time to get ready for work. For a Monday, it was relatively quiet and calm. We had only 1 emergent case and it went smoothly.

I come home to find DC has done "something" to his back and can't walk. Because I am a rotten wife and he's a big ol' pantywaist hypochondriac, I wasn't very sympathetic. *Everything* is the worst pain he's ever had in his life and whatever is wrong with him, no one else has ever had it and they certainly have never had it as painfully as he is having it at this moment. (I shit you not. People who know him are reading this and nodding.) Feh. I went to the store to get some groceries and some massive backache pain pills for him. I helped him get in the tub and he felt well enough to get himself up and out without any help. He seems to be doing a lot better but we'll see how he feels in the morning.

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