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Monday, 10/05/2009 - 4:30 p.m.

The Munch on Saturday was great. The Glitter Kids came and I was glad to see their faces. I had sort of blown off the Munch because of my recent tooth issues and I'd been busting my butt for the club instead. I think I'm back on track now and can juggle it all without anything getting lost in the shuffle. I still have to find a place for the Tuesday night meetings, though. Heh.

I was nauseated nervous about playing with Mal Saturday night. What I interpreted as "stand-offish" he interpreted as "Not wanting to act like a horny dog". Alrighty then. I was glad we could clear up that misunderstanding because I was irritated like a motherfucker that he didn't act any kind of interested. Vain, much, Fat Girl? I had the brilliant idea on Friday to try and break the ice by buying him a pair of panties. Black lace cheeky shorts, to be exact, and it worked like a charm. (Some days I'm sharper than others.) We did get to talk one on one finally and I pried all up into his BDSM business. He also asked me what I got out of BDSM and my immediate answer was "Flesh.". I'm all about pinching and biting and running my nails over skin - anything having to do with nails and teeth on skin. I don't play with anyone I don't want to bite on or claw up. My secondary answer was "Violence.". I also get off on the violence - the more someone struggles and fights the better it is for me. Flesh and violence will get me every time, on both sides of the fence.

He has a curfew so we couldn't get too involved and I swear I tried to keep our play time light so he could drive home later. Yeah. That plan didn't work for shit.

Since he's a foot and a half taller than me, I sat him in the electric chair, which put us eye to eye. All good so far. He had the crap beaten out of him last weekend so I was going to torture his front instead to give his back a break. Still all good and under control. I got him tied to the chair, blindfold in place, made sure he was comfortable. And then I put my hands on him.

Sparks flew up anywhere I touched him and my underwear melted. Holy crap! I was worried about us not being able to play together? Yeah, I'm a dumbass sometimes.

I ran my nails across his chest and he moaned. I had him lean forward a little so I could run my nails down his back and he groaned in my ear. He threw his head back and all the muscles in his neck and shoulders stood out and it was one of the hottest goddamn things. I wanted to tear him to bleeding pieces with my teeth and leave him shredded and broken. I did two tiny bites on his pecs and had to physically step back from him for a few seconds so I didn't snap and take a chunk out of him. I did a few clothespins and some flogging but I kept returning to the nails/teeth thing. I desperately wanted to strangle him a little but we hadn't discussed that and I wasn't going to spring it on him. I'm pretty sure as far gone as he was he would have let me do anything I wanted, but just because you can push the issue doesn't mean you should. If it had been DC or the Boy I definitely would have done it anyway and damn the consequences. Playing with them exclusively for so many years has spoiled me terribly. Before I went too far, I took the bondage mittens and blindfold off so he could come back down to Earth a little bit. He got the giggles and kept babbling "I'm OK, I'm OK" over and over and over. His shoulder/neck muscles (trapeziuses if you want to get technical) were all knotted up and I was having the internal mental debate of "Bite the hell out of him right there" vs "We have to stop so he can recover" for a good three minutes. I finally said "Fuck it", got him by the upper arms, dragged him closer, and bit the *fuck* out of him on the right side. And came.

I've been chatting with his girlfriend-partner in messages about him and I specifically asked her if it was OK by her if I kissed him. He has a magnificent jawline and I've wanted to kiss it since the day I met him. She didn't really say yes or no; she left it up to him. I'm standing there, one big hot flash from my head down to the backs of my knees, and he's sitting there, marked up, glassy-eyed and gorgeous, and I said "I asked {girlfriend} about kissing you and she didn't give me an answer. Is kissing you OK?". He said yes it was, but I waited. I *knew* if I kissed him while the blood lust from biting him was on me, we'd explode. Holy crap. I heard Darkness in my head say "It's been an eternity since I've felt such desire" and then everything was a blur of mouths and hands. A little later he said something about wanting to bite me on my upper chest (I had on the good bra that hikes everything up so there was a lot of cleavage) and I said "Go for it" and moved my top out of the way. Jesus Gawd. He pulled my hair and snarled at me while he was biting and my knees gave. I told him he could do the other side so I'd be even and I'll be damned if my knees didn't buckle again. He bit my shoulders, too, and I came. I have bruises on my chest and one shoulder (and hasn't DC taken great delight in poking them, the fucker!). He finally left an hour later than he wanted to. We have a play date for next weekend and I'm not sure who will be top and who will be bottom, but I'm definitely hoping for some sort of biting/hairpulling repeat.

And then there was the Bird Kid. I was already floaty stupid from Mal so I said what the hell, took my hair down the rest of the way, took all my clothes off, and let the Bird Kid beat the crap out of me. And beat me he did.

I was a little concerned about him being able to get me in the right headspace because he's cute, cuddly, soft and very non-threatening. I made the mistake of saying that to him before we went to play. He slammed me up against one of the doors into the social room and got right in my face - problem solved. Get in my personal space and threaten me and I'm all yours.

I do better lying down so after trying to stand up at the St. Andrews cross, he and DC moved one of the padded spanking benches into the middle of the room. My hair was a snarled-up, tangled-up rat's nest of whore hair because he kept pulling it. I'm 100% sure he has my mascara and eye make-up smeared on his pants because I kept rubbing my face in his crotch any time he got close enough for me to reach him. I certainly had it all smeared down my face, partially from the crotch grinding and partially because I cried a little bit. He needs more practice with floggers but he has crops/slapper implements down to a science. The only other person to wear me out with the rubber slapper is the Boy. I hate that damn thing but I took it and asked politely for more. When my eyes wouldn't focus is when I called it quits. We got off to a rocky start but I'd bottom to him again in a heartbeat.

In my perfect little imaginationland, he *and* Mal *and* the Boy would gang up on me and beat me until I cried, and then DC would fuck my brains out while they all watched.

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