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Monday, 06/04/2007 - 9:55 p.m.

Pride was spectacular!!! I got to see Martha Wash singing "It's Raining Men" live so I can die now. I'm sunburned like a murf because I didn't slap sunscreen on soon enough. We bought t-shirts and I visited the Leather Pride booth to show my support. We also visited the TTPAC booth and told them if no one would march with them next weekend at Memphis Pride, then the Boy and I would volunteer. I'm so excited about that! I hope they ask us to march with them. I really want to make a "Biology Doesn't Dictate Gender" poster. We hugged and smooched people we hadn't seen since last Pride. DC got to put some names with faces and we were both in agreement that Agent Orange is hot.

The after party was great, too, and I got to talk seriously with some folks I didn't know very well. Turns out most them are leather folks, too! Yay! There's one salt-and-pepper butch I want to tie to a chair and talk smack to, but I don't think she's into me. I like most of the Nashvegas bunch the more I'm around them because they've all seemed to grow up a lot since I first met them 2 years ago.

And the sex after the after party was so phenomenal that the Boy had to put his hand over my mouth for a good chunk of it. Part of it was all those people knew we were going to have sex (which always turns my crank) and the other part was we'd spent a good two hours discussing sex and BDSM before we left the party. Awww yeah.

Happy Anniversary to us! We went shopping and then hit the casinos to lose our shirts and eat ourselves into a stupor. I wanted to try a particular spa down there as well, but I didn't realize there was a "men" side and a "women" side to the spa. Duh. What the hell is the point of going together if you can't be nekkid together once you're there?

Anniversary sex is on the agenda for later. Hee.

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