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Monday, 12/14/2009 - 4:26 p.m.

I haven't had a lot to say this past week.

The Dysfunctional Xmas is this coming weekend and I'm not stressing even a little over it. I haven't attempted to go out into the holiday madness yet, either, to buy presents so maybe that's why I'm still calm.

I called my mother last Tuesday to discuss Xmas with her, got the answering machine and left a message. I called again on Wednesday, got the machine, left a message. By Thursday I was a little concerned because she's really good at returning my calls. So I called again, got the machine, left a message, and then immediately called Tattoo. He lives 6 blocks from her and asked me if I wanted him to run over there and check on her. Hell yes, go check on her. She's had a cold going on 3 weeks now and won't let me take her to my doctor so yes, go check on her, I said. She calls about 15 minutes later:

The Queen: Hey, honey, your brother just showed up and said you asked him to check on me.
Me: Oh, thank Christ. Are you alright??
TQ: Why wouldn't I be alright?
Me: Well, let's see, you've had the crud for 3 weeks now and can't breathe and won't go to the doctor. Plus I've left 3 messages over 3 days and you haven't called back. You're usually really good about returning my calls.
TQ: Oh. That.
Me: Oh, hell. You're not alright, are you?
TQ: The reason the machine has been picking up for three days is because I've been reading that website you emailed me.
Me: You've been reading porn for 3 days straight and not answering the phone?!
TQ: Pretty much.
Me: Have you gone blind?
TQ: Pretty much.
Me: But you're alright?
TQ: Oh, I'm better than alright.

DC and I are doing better than alright, as well. His alter dominant ego popped up last week and stuck around for a couple of days. So I got my subby-hurty-smacky time like I needed. The Boy will be here next week for Xmas and I'll get some more then, too. Yay me!

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