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Monday, 09/04/2006 - 2:48 a.m.

Well, the Purple Church (as someone at work calls the most popular titty bar here in town) was not what I expected. It was crowded, sleazy, dirty, and soulless, all in the bad kind of way. Out of all the dancers we watched, only 1 smiled and looked even remotely happy to be up there taking her clothes off. The ones working the crowd for private dances didn't look happy either; no one smiled or made eye contact or looked like they were happy to be there. It was more disturbing than erotic, even though there were gorgeous bodies on display. That's another thing...from the neck down most of them were fabulous. From the neck up...not so much. I got hit on a couple of times, which was nice, and the dancers were nice when I turned them down for private dances. One gorgeous tanned blonde honked my boob so I honked hers in return and it was...creepy. It was an implant and I can now say implants do not feel anything like real ones. Looking at sagless round implanted boobers in clothes is totally, totally hot but for feeling give me saggy real boobers any day (like mine...hee!). I do want to go one more time on a Sunday afternoon or a Friday night just to see if the first impression is the real one.

The adventure did lead to some really good dreams about strippers who were into BDSM and wanted an evil Mistress Sugar Mama-type person.

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