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Sunday, 07/30/2007 - 1:13 a.m.

I was suckered into smelling some Prada perfume today and I *really* liked it. 95 bucks is a little steep, though, for 2 ounces of some smelly stuff. But it's still percolating in my brain hours later so I'll probably be going back for one more sniff.

Tiny E is so very excited about the outside world he runs out the front door every time it's open longer than 3 seconds so DC said what the hell. He bought him a little cat body harness and a leash, and took him for a walk. Tiny E promptly ate a bunch of leaves and a bug, and rolled in the dirt. TubboCat and the White Booger aren't real sure of the world inside this apartment, let alone the world outside it, so they don't get walkies any time soon.

Happy Birthday to the Boy! There was buttsex aplenty because that's what he wanted, and food and laughs. I didn't do the plaid skirt-rufflebutt-panties combo but it was still damned good. Aftersex naps are the best.

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