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Tuesday, 04/21/2009 - 12:18 a.m.

Dinner with the Glitter Kids was very good *and* we laughed our butts off. Win-win. I got Glitter Boy alone for a little bit in the kitchen to pick his brain about partner swapping. They've both hinted and flirted and made some low-key passes at both me and DC so I wanted to see if it was genuine or just flirty-ha-ha-means-nothing. I asked if nekkid sexy time was truly an option or if they were just being flirty-ha-ha-means-nothing and he said it was definitely an option. Alrighty then. I'm not 100% sure I want to have sex with him but I definitely want to make out like teenagers. DC and the Boy have pretty much spoiled me for all other men sex-wise but there's no nice way to say that to an extremely young man who already has body/penis issues.

BDR is *finally* moving to another city and seems to be finally getting his shit together. Gawd alone knows how long this initiative will last but I'm glad he's trying to get on with his life.

We rented Saints Row 2 to take to the Kids's Sat night and I've played it 2 days running. I've tried to play Grand Theft Auto and I suck at it. I'm actually doing OK on SR and DC has decided that we need to buy it. The best mission so far is to spray poo from the sewage truck all over specific targets. Poop is funny. 'Cause we're 12. I mostly steal cars and kill people with the samurai sword, though. Nothing like violent video games to work out a little aggression.

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