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Wednesday, 02/20/2008 - 11:02 p.m.

There was a harvesting tonight and the eye bank tech was talking about having worked at Planned Parenthood. OMG! How incredibly cool would that be to actively be a part of the freedom of choice movement? I asked DC if he had any moral objections to my helping perform abortions all day and he said no, no moral objections but he'd feel better if I packed a gun. Alrighty then. I specifically asked the tech if she ever felt in danger at any time working at PP and she said no. That cut zero ice with DC so ixnay for now on that.

The bureaucracy at work is getting worse. The Devil's Concubine avoids making a decision (about anything) anytime she can get away with it. The evening crew are the only reason I haven't run screaming out the front door. Girlfriend, BethJane and I have been teamed up the past couple of weeks and it's been the *best*. Girlfriend nicknamed us "The Dream Team" and started writing that on the board.

4 Nyquils + 3 melatonin = an excellent night's sleep.

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