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Wednesday, 05/19/2010 - 11:57 a.m.

Fact 1 - cold pizza eaten at about 9 am this morning.

Fact 2 - I dreamt about my dead grandmother about 10:30 am, who was not dead in my dream and was trying to give me fashion advice. She suggested a pink/orange tank dress (pink at the shoulders, bleeding into orange at the hem) with orange high heels. I tried to explain that was not a good look for me back when she was still alive.

Fact 3 - I am going shoe shopping for the wedding this afternoon. I will not be wearing orange heels with a truffle brown dress.

Edited to add: I found kick-ass shoes that have the same twisty fabric band thing that my dress has for a decent price. And the buckles are all sparkly. And they have low low heels. The shoes totally make up for the tragic brassiere.

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