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Monday, 09/15/2008 - 4:07 a.m.

All of DC's women bailed on him for Saturday night so he ended up at the dungeon alone. He had a good time anyway and I'm glad. He's very anti-alone, i.e. won't go to the movies or dinner alone, so this was a big deal.

Rock Band II came out this weekend and the Boy insists we absolutely have to have it, so we'll be practicing that next weekend.

I'm finally in the home stretch on my blouse for the Ball that's happening while we're in San Fran. We'll go rent the Boy's tux next weekend. A little over 3 weeks and we're there!

The moon was so gorgeous and bright tonight that I wanted to throw a handful of sea salt into the pool and swim naked in the moonlight. I've been *really* off-balance since Wednesday or so and a dip in some salt water would fix me right up. I think I'll have to settle for the bathtub, though.

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