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Thursday, 07/09/2009 - 1:04 a.m.

When I said in my last post that it was an uneventful week, that was a small lie. What I really meant to say was "DC has been manic for a solid week and I want to throttle him" but I was trying to be supportive of him in his mania (and not bitch too much). He's been off his meds for about 3 weeks and he *LOVES* it. He says he has energy and he's been doing small projects around the house and sleeping well. He's very "Mommy mommy mommy look at me look at me look at me mommy mommy mommy" when he's like this and I have to drop whatever I'm doing to pay 100% attention to him. I hit my limit on Tuesday (day 10 of the mania) and blasted him mightily about how whacko he's been after one more request to drop everything to pay attention to him. He's brought me chocolate and flowers and candy through many a PMS episode, which is why I held out for as long as I could with his mania. However, if I wanted to raise a hyperactive 3 year old, I would have given birth to one. We've since reached a happy medium so yesterday was a pretty good day as was today. (And speaking of PMS - the entire month of June went by and no Curse. Praise be to modern medicine.)

I had to visit my Aunt Chatterbox today and I liked her so much better when she used to drink. That's rotten, I know, but true. We're planning Carrie's baby shower so I'll be talking to her a lot in the coming weeks. Gawd help me. She always has to give me what DC calls "The Death Report". The opener is the list of folks I've never met who have died or been sick recently, followed by every minute thing she or my cousins have done since I've seen her last, then every minute thing her best friends have done recently, and ending with various assorted other crap that didn't fit anywhere else. I don't care. But I'll smile and nod and say "Really?" as needed because she's my aunt.

Feeding the cats hairball-laxative-grease is not as fun as it sounds. Furry bastards.

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