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Monday, 11/21/2006 - 12:39 a.m.

I finally broke down and bought some anti-wrinkle deep moisturizing crap. Oh, vanity...where is thy sting. In my big wrinkly forehead, apparently. I'm not expecting to look 16 at 32, but *something* better happen.

I'm really looking forward to T'Giving. We're doing a potluck Wednesday at work and I just finished making an eclair pie. Yay pie! Everyone should scarf it down.

I felt like an idiot tonight at work because I was doing cases I hadn't done since I was a student. I did OK and no one yelled at me, but I hate that incompetent feeling. I also left a hemostat clipped to some disposable tubing and had to go dumpster diving. Luckily the trash was in the rolling dumpster and hadn't been tossed in the main dumpster. Feh. Just let tomorrow and Wednesday be easy days for the holiday.

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