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Monday, 03/06/2006 - 2:04 p.m.

I would sell someone's mother into slavery for some nasal spray that really lasted 12 hours. *SNURKLE* I got 8 hours out of it, though, and that's pretty good.

I got Milk Duds so no one has to get hurt. I need a big salt lick thing to go with them and I'll be all set. Periods suck.

We picked our hospitals for clinicals today. All this time our instructors have been saying "grades don't make a difference attendance does, grades don't make a difference attendance does" but what was criterion #2 on the clinical requirements list? Grades. What was #4 down the list? Attendance. Eat a big bug there, fellas.

We also had to pee in a cup and 3 of my classmates got nailed. They either have to come up with prescriptions for what they had in their systems or they're out. I think that's a little rough for people who only do recreational drugs on the weekend (or on their days off or in some capacity that doesn't interfere with work) but I also see the flip side. Eventually the drug use *is* going to interfere with their work schedule. Not to mention killing brain cells and screwing up motor control. Well, then there's that whole illegality thing. There's no test for booze and being a lush kills brain cells, too, so if you're busting people for drugs you need to bust them for boozing as well.

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