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Tuesday, 05/09/2006 - 7:32 p.m.

I was with Frieda again today and she kicks all kinds of ass. Tomorrow, though, I will pair up with someone else to give her a break from me. It's hard on an experienced tech to slow down and dumb it down a little for the new guy.

I'm getting better on my gowning and gloving. A little faster, a little smoother, but I still bunch up at the wrist. I feel a little less intimidated by the OR, too. Today a lap. ooph. turned into an open case and it was bedlam, but I did my part to help out without wigging out. Sutures are still kicking my ass, but I can load a needle driver smoothly now.

I get frustrated because I want to know it all *now* and I want to be great *now* and not feel like Fumble Fingers or even worse, act like Fumble Fingers.

I know, I day at a time.

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