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Thursday, 02/12/2009 - 9:00 p.m.

Rho went nuts with the wax and stripped my entire chin (altho it seriously needed it) and my forehead. She did an excellent job on my eyebrows as usual but with all the extra waxing I looked like a smooth sunburned pig for a little while. She also trimmed the rest of my face hair, like you would a man's beard. OMG. Clouds of downy blonde fuzz everywhere.

I went grocery shopping afterward and ended up on the girlie frou-frou aisle and had to smell all the bodywashes. Some asshat cracked the top of a soy milk and patchouli bodywash, which exploded, and then put the damn thing back on the shelf backwards so you couldn't see all the soap smeared on it. So when I reached for it to smell it, I got patchouli funk all over my hands and sweater. And not having a lot of social skills, I said to the aisle at large, "Oh, great! Now I smell like a dirty hippie!".

Casino Night is tomorrow and I'm so excited! The Auction is Saturday and I'm excited about that, too, but Friday night is gambling night. Hee. The Boy is going to Knoxvegas for the weekend to see his father so we'll just have to have a good time for him. I invited Dre so we'll see how that goes.

In a country of fatasses who are in no way height-weight proportionate, you'd think the jeans manufacturers would realize that yes, you can be *this* short and *this* round all at once. I've found fabu Lee jeans online that look like they will fit my waist and hips-of-death but they're long enough to fit that Chinese basketball player guy. Feh.

Killing things in Mob Rule or drowning a Sim will make me forget all about the jeans thing.

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