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Saturday, 08/25/2007 - 3:31 p.m.

I said in the previous entry I was feeling picked on at work because of the cases I'd been assigned to all this past week. HA! I knew I wasn't just being a whinerbutt...the Devil's Concubine *IS* out to get me!

Last night at work -

Devil's Concubine: Fat Girl! Guess what????!!!

Me: Oh, lord, what?

Devil's Concubine:(said in syrupy sweetsy tone of voice) On Monday, I see a back case in your future! Isn't that great?!

Me: Oh, ick. No, that's not great but if you want me to do that case, then I'll do that case.

Devil's Concubine:(said in cold, non-syrupy tone of voice) Well, if I had my way, you'd do backs all the time. You need the practice.

Me:(mentally) ARGH. Just kill me now, Lord.

I was also asked yesterday by one of the big bosses if I could cut my vacation short next week and come in to work because they'll be short staffed. I declined as politely as I could but I'm pretty sure "Hell, NO!" was evident in my tone of voice.

2 more days. I can survive work for 2 more days.

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