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Wednesday, 08/23/2007 - 12:04 a.m.

11 o'clock at night at the grocery store with one checker and 7 people in line behind you is not the time to pass a hot check. Dumbass.

"I'm the last cookie in the jar; I'm all that's left" is apparently not the correct answer to the surgeon when he asks, "Why do I have to be stuck with you?". Also not correct to say: "Hey, let me screw up first *before* you yell at me, OK?". Whoops.

When your charge nurse smiles at you oh-so-sweetly and says "You're just the person I was looking for", she's just fucked you over somehow or is about to.

Payday is never a bad day.

Just because the surgeon swears like a sailor with a hangover is not permission for you to do the same. Double whoops.

I'm really looking forward to vacation next week.

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